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Online Auction July 11th-25th

We will be holding an online only auction July 11th-July 25th. Take the opportunity to get your hands on your new favorites, in everything from strings to percussion—and everything in-between.

The auction will be held through

We’re all hands on deck getting ready for our upcoming auction. This is your chance to get a deal on one of these beauties! What catches your eye? Head to

July 11th-25th to snag your favorites

Our upcoming auction also lets you get your hands on everything from drumsticks to music books! Replenish your stash of accessories July 11th-25th at

Our storage room is about to blow! All you see is up for grabs at our upcoming auction, so save the dates July 11th-25th and head to to get your hands on one of these brass or woodwind instruments!

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