Everything from moving/fixing/tuning a piano to changing the horse hair on your violin bow.  You can even snip off 31" of your Uncle Arlo's hippie pony tail and we'll make that work.  If you can catch him.


Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba (All Sizes)
Flush Out

Includes chemical cleaning, corks for water keys and valve felts as needed,

minor dents, minor case repair, clean and vacuum case

Pull stuck mouthpiece

Slide aligning

Piston & lapping aligning

Rotor aligning


Guitars & more

Acoustic/Electric Guitar Restring                     

        Clean and treat fingerboard, wipe-down body

           and neck, inspect, tune, test, verIfy setup,

           intonation, correctness etc.

        Labor (does not include price of strings)


        Check neck set and adjust truss rod if needed,

           check and adjust saddle for height and intonation,

           check and adjust nut if necessary

Other instruments such as: Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Ukulele



Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (all sizes)


Bow Re-hair    

          Includes removing old anchors(re-use if possible),

             inspect for damage and camber, inspect wrap, etc.

             Replace with white Mongolian hair

String Replacement

          Inspect, tune, adjust, reset bridge, test.

Bridge Replacement


Repairs to bows and instruments are done at labor rate plus materials needed. Common repairs include clamp and glue open seams, re-gluing broken neck, clamp and glue fingerboard, refinishing, and cleaning.

Flute(closed & open hole), Clarinet, Saxophone (all sizes)


                     Includes plastic resonator pads, cork at neck and cork bumpers



                 Includes disassembly and re-assembly,

                final adjust and keys, cemical cleaning,

                     minor dent removal, minor case repair, vacuum case


Neck Recork                                                         

Piano Tuning/Repair

Including: Keyboards

Labor + Milage 

Call for estimate 320-214-9433

Piano Moving