Instrument Rental Program

Whether your child is just starting in school band, you're a professional, or having a midlife crises, we make playing an instrument affordable.

Parent and Student Information

Call us at 320-214-9433 to make an appointment between 10am and 5pm weekdays to try out band instruments for undecided students.  For minimum contact, plan to meet with one student and one parent/guardian. You will leave with your instrument, book and accessories in hand. 

Credit requirements

Please be prepared to provide the following info:

Credit/Debit Card Info

Social Security Number

Date of Birth

Current Driver's License Number

Our Commitment is to provide quality, teacher approved instruments and service to students to help assure a successful educational music program. 

To help fit your budget, you may rent until you have paid for the value of the instrument. You may apply the rent to the purchase. Plus, at Whitney Music, you select the instrument from a large selection of new or nearly new rental return models. 

Only $24/month for most instruments

$37.00/month for student instruments between $1000 and $1500. $52.00/month for student instruments between $1500 and $2000.

All rental prices include a $2 monthly handling fee, this  may be deducted if you pay 3 months in advance. 

Optional damage insurance $5 per month, we'll repair accidental drops. bumps, and scrapes.  

Free As-Needed Maintenance

To assure playing ease of your rented instrument,

we offer the following services in our store:

Inspection and adjustment

Annual flush-out

Replace defective parts, broken springs, tuners and pegs, loose pads, corks, bumpers, felts, etc.

minor case repair. 


Purchase Discount Options

25% discount if purchased during the first 30 days. 

20% discount when purchased during the first 90 days. 

Step-Up Instruments

100% of rental credit to apply if step-up is purchased within 1 year of start-up; 75% rental credit if step-up is purchased within 2 years; plus a 25% purchase discount from manufacturers retail price. 


You may return the instrument at anytime without penalty. Plus, if your isntructor requests a switch, you may transfer 75% of the rent credit paid to a different instrument. 



Package Discount Special

When you rent, you will receive 20% off the startup accessory package, which may include some or all of the following (music instructor advisement):

Method Book/ CD

Reed Guard (Reed Instruments) 

3ea. Rico Reeds (Reed Instruments)

Case ID Tag

Music Folder

Music Stand